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Hey I'm Christine. I am currently studying abroad at Kingston University in London and I am looking for a roommate for the Fall/Spring semester 2013/2014. I have a 7 year old small female husky who is very relaxed and sleeps most of the day. I am very clean and respectful. I don't mind rooming or with sharing a house with guys or girls, I have no preference. Let me know if you're interested!


I'm extremely interested!!! Is it pet friendly? I have a super laid back 7 year old female husky  who mostly sleeps all day in my room. I know a lot of places are picky with dogs, I'm willing to pay an extra deposit if the landlord requires it for pets!

Thank You,
Christine Galgano

My name is Christine and I will be a junior in the fall. I am currently living in house across the wallkill river but the flooding in the fall is horrible so I need to move. I'm very outgoing and I'm easy to get along with. I like to have fun on the weekends but my school work is very important to me. I also have a VERY relaxed/calm female husky. She is 7 and she enjoys to playing but she sleeps most of the day. She is super friendly and my current roommates love her. If you would be interested in finding a place with me or if you have a room to offer that would be awesome!

Text me at 631-258-7949
or email me at

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