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Hi, my name is Ryan. My friend and I have been looking for a place, if you could get back to me asap possible I would like to check the place out! My number is 908-399-6196, call any time.

I plan on moving out of my house next semester and need someone interested in subletting the room. The house has three others currently living in it who are all nice and courteous students. The house is less than a 1 min drive from campus and has a big enough driveway for everyone living there. The house has two full bathrooms, a kitchen and a common room with enough space for everyone. Utilities are covered and the room is spacious with a window overlooking the big yard on the side of the house. If interested contact me at 908-399-6196, feel free to call or text me at any time for more information and/or interested in viewing. *(chance of 1 other room being available for next semester as well)

I am also a male third year looking for someone to live with for 1/2 a semester. If you are still looking contact me at 908-399-6196, just throw me a text and see if we can work something out.

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