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Hey guys, so I just got an Assistant Forest Ranger job in the Catskills this past week and I'm looking to find a cheap apartment out there so here's the deal...The room is in a house on 13 fairview (literally right behind the library) and the rent is usually $675 plus electricity and heating (which I can't imagine you'll need in 80 degree weather so that shouldn't be too much of a factor) but I'd be willing to sublet for half of that (roughly $350) just to lock it down. The room will go quick so email or text me at or (518)935-7576 if you're interested and we can work out the details.
Hey AJ. I currently live in the Southside Terrace apartments with one other roommate but he's leaving at the end of the semester. I'd have the larger of the two rooms available if you were interested. Email me if you want details
I'm very interested in this and would be willing to pay more than the asking price ($600)
Looking for chill male roommate to share a two bedroom apartment in Southside for the Fall 2015 semester only. Rent is around $650 a month and all we have to pay is cable and electric (which isn't bad considering the location and the fact that I'm probably the coolest kid you'll ever meet..only kidding).I'm not going to sugar coat it it's nothing special. Your room (the bigger one of course) would come with a nice clean bed and a comfy couch if my friend leaves it for us...In the words of peter griffin "That is all". if you have any questions