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Hi! I am studying abroad next semester and need someone to sublet my room! The room is upstairs and is really big with a beautiful view of the gunks. It's on Fairview street behind the lecture center and it's a great house with an awesome kitchen, really big backyard, 2 bathrooms, a living room, a large basement and a super cool indoor porch! Plus it takes only about 2 minutes to get to classes! 4 other awesome people live there and you can use my furniture including queen size bed, dresser, mini fridge and desk. Message me for more details!!

Three of my friends and I (all girls) are very interested in this big, five-bedroom house on Fairview Ave. The landlord is great and its a great location. The rest of us will pay 700 dollars a month and you would only have to pay 550 for a significantly smaller room. Works with financial aid!

We can email you the lease as soon as possible and schedule a house tour! email me at