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Our names are Anna, Katie and Valentina ^__^
we will be juniors next semester so its about that time to move into an apartment or house together.
our budget is ANYTHING under 550/600$ with utilities included & we can only swing a 10 month lease.

Ideally we are looking for:
3 bedroom (or 4, we have another friend)
2 bedrooms that can occupy 3 is also good!
ALSO, if anyone has a house that has potentially 3 spots open that would be equally as sweet.
call me (Anna)
HELLO  ;D my name is Anna.
My friends Valentina, Katie and I are looking for a place to split that will come to less than 500$ a month each
We are open to a house, an apartment, or anything else that can be split three ways! (:
contact me (Anna) at
Hey there!
my name is Anna
im 20 years old
ill be transferring into new paltz spring 2013
i want to live close to campus with some cool people
i was thinking a room in a house, shared loft, shared apartment, or honestly anything that wouldnt be more than 500$ a month
im very down to earth, play guitar, laid back, active
email me :
call me:15164919967
Im transferring to New Paltz this spring and still have no idea where ill be staying.
im not too pickey where i stay.
ideally id like to be walking distance and pay less than 500$ a month.
im a fun laid back female who loves to play and listen to music
i have a car, bike and long bored so a mile or so distance wouldnt be too bad.
im a non-smoker  8)
if anyone would like to split a loft/room or if there is a house with a small cheap room near the school let me know !
my phone number is: 516-491-9967
is this still available?