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My name's Joe, and I'm a grad student returning to New Paltz for my MA. I'm respectful and pretty quiet. I want to be able to walk to campus and the village. Please e-mail me at


I am looking for a place to live in the Spring. I just graduated SUNY New Paltz so I am currently not a student. In June I'll be deployed by Peace Corps, so the Spring semester time frame is perfect for me. Very basically, I'm an honest, trustworthy person trying to find a way to live and work in the town I love before going on a big, long overseas adventure in the developing world. I'm friendly but non-intrusive, and clean.

$600/mo or less is the ballpark I'm trying to work with. Obviously utilities figure into everything. Location isn't too crucial for me, but I do need to be somewhat close to town.

Hope to speak with you soon,