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Mattress, box spring, frame on wheels. bought new and used for less than 2 years.
Located in the village of New Paltz.

price $150. E-mail ASAP if interested!
*There is one (possibly two rooms) available for the summer months: June 1st - August 1st. **These are tentative dates and can be altered if necessary.**

*The bedrooms are in a 4BR apartment that is situated in a 3-level house (each level is an apartment).

*House is a 2-3 minute walk to town and 5-10 minute walk to campus.

*Rent is a flat $625/month (*negotiable*) with everything included! Utilities include water, electric, internet, cable (with OnDemand!), heat, and CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING ! -which is rare to find in New Paltz housing.

*Pet friendly. There is a kitten currently living here.

E-mail me at for details, dimensions, etc.