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I know you posted you were looking for someone in January, but I need a place to live from August to December 2013, and I am wondering if you would need someone then. My name is Stephanie and I a female graduate student at New Paltz, and the upcoming fall is my last semester. I also have a cat, she is very well behaved and full vaccinated. I currently live in Tillson now as well. Please let me know if the room is still available during that time frame and if you would be interested. thank you!

I am a female graduate student at New Paltz. I am going into my last semester in the fall 2013 and will be student teaching. I am looking to live outside of New Paltz in the Tillson, Rosendale and beyond area. I have a cat and am looking for a place where she can come with me. She is fully vaccinated and well behaved. I am looking to keep my rent around 500 a month. I am quiet and considerate. Please e-mail me if you are interested at or call or text me at 631-335-2993

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