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Hi, I'm a 23 year old female SUNY New Paltz student looking for a quiet, bright apartment to myself, studio or 1 bdrm. I'm quiet, clean and very punctual with rent. Hoping to find a place under $800/month (with some or all utilities included, but for the right place, I could definitely make an exception). Location should be somewhere close to Kingston or Rosendale, but open to places near New Paltz or farther north than Kingston. I'm currently waiting on finding out my teaching placement for Spring '14, which may affect where I'd like to live. Full year leases are okay, but month to month, or 10 month lease is best.
Unfurnished apartments only please!

I will be in PA from June 13th-August 12th, so any meetings/viewings would have to be on my day off: either Mondays or Thursdays. I am looking for a move-in somewhere between August 1st and September 30th.

Hope this description fits your place! Can't wait to hear from you!