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I have a room available for $500 all utilities included from June 1st until August 15th.  The house is located in New Paltz ina quiet residential area. If you are interested please text me at 516-398-2944.  I know youre looking for under $475 but that with utilites it would be more than what I am offering. Contact me asap if youre interested because this room will go quickly!
Hello is this cottage still available? and when would the lease start?
I am looking for a one bedroom apartment in the town of new paltz.  Looking to move in over the summer.  If you know of a place please text me at 516-398-2944
Is this apartment still available? Would be willing to pay a little more to secure the apartment.
Hi I am subletting my room from June until August. The rent is $560 with everything included but I am willing to negotiate that price. The house is great and in a quiet residential area. Email me at if you are interested
Looking for someone to sublet my room because I am graduating in May. The room has Two bathrooms, a closed porch and good size bedrooms. Landlord is very nice. $560 EVERYTHING INCLUDED