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I am transfering from Buff State and looking for a place to live in walking distance to campus. Looking to move January or earlier. Email me at
Very interested, email me at
Hey im a transfer looking for a place to rent for the spring semester. email me at interested in living with girls, all my past roommates have been females and it seems to go the easiest. I am
hey im from lewiston but live in buffalo now until i transfer to new paltz in the spring. shoot me an email at
looking for a place down there and gonna visit this upcoming week. if still interested and wanna meet up email me.

that sounds perfect!! shoot me an email at
when are you looking into moving in? and whats the address so i can look into the area.
hope to hear from you soon  :D
interested in the apartment if it is still available. contact me at
Hi everyone, I will be transferring to New Paltz in the spring and need an apartment. Looking a place to rent with between 350-600 within walking distance to campus. I can move asap or wait unitl the semester begins. I am a gay male so id either like to live with girls or open minded guys. Reply here or email me at

interested in the apt. contact me if available at