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Hey! I'm looking to sublet my room for the summer! I am graduating so I won't be back after August and you can sign a new lease after that if you'd like to stay!

$575/a month with ALL utilities + WiFi included. Great location -- 10 minute walk from campus, less than 3 minutes from Main St. Medium-to-large sized room in a house with 7 other people -- two bathrooms, two kitchens, little back porch. Really quite and private. A wonderful place for the summer! :)

Contact me if you want to see the place!
I'm a junior looking for a place for next year! A one bedroom would be ideal but I'm open to a house/apt roommate situation. My budget is around $600 including utilities and I'm hoping to find a place not too far from campus since I don't have a car.

I'm really easy going and tidy and make delicious baklava so please let me know if you're interested in a renter/housemate/roommate!

My email's! Thank youuuu!
Hey, I'm super interested in subletting... my e-mail's Thanks!
Hey, I dunno if it's still available but I'm super interested if it is.
Hey, I'm Barbara Cvenic, a 20-year old junior transferring to New Paltz Spring '12. I'm desperately looking for a place to live! I'm looking for either a room in a chill house or apt close to campus for max $600 a month. I'm clean and make really good baklava, what more could you want in a roommate?! You can e-mail me at, thanks!