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Available today, a good-sized private bedroom in a 6 bedroom house, 2 bathrooms, 5 guys renting now, women are welcome as well as men. Living room, kitchen, basement, washer, dryer. No pets.
The students living here are serious students but fun to hang out with. The house is one block from SUNY New Paltz on Mohonk Avenue.The landlord has 20 years of experience renting this house and has a quick response time if the house needs attention. All utilities and home care are covered by rent, a significant savings.
Price reduced to $650 per month. Washer Dryer.

The room has a brand new full sized bed, new desk and new furniture.

Text Reggie at 917.612.7604 to see the house.

Requires First month, last month and security.
Parking available.
Great house on Mohonk Avenue by the park with living room, large basement, washer dryer, $700 per room includes utilities, lawn, etc.
Formerly the girl's soccer team house.
Text Reggie to go see it 917-612-7604
This house rents to groups of 6, one of the 5 bedrooms is large with two closets and rents to two roommates for a discounted rent of $600 each. The other rooms are $700 each. Available June 2019 - Late May 2020 (and beyond) Formerly known as the Women's soccer team house. The house has 5 Bedrooms, A full basement with bar set-up, washer and dryer. All major utilities are included in the rent such as Oil Heat, Hot Water, Electricity, Lawncare, Trash removal. These Utilities usually cost hundreds of dollars per month.

No Fraternities, please.

We have been renting this house for 15 years. We have plumbers and handymen on call if repairs are needed.

The rent is $700 per single room and $600 for the shared double room. We will need a security deposit to hold the rental, and in May we will need first and last month's rent. A limited number of students waiting for Financial Aid are allowed but must have Security and first/last month's rent to begin with. When their Financial Aid comes through all rent per semester must be paid in full.

Contact Reggie by Text or Phone at 917-612-7604 to arrange to see the house. Please don't leave messages on this site, thanks!
June 1st 2016 - Two rooms are available in our six bedroom, pretty, good sized house. Three guys and a gal staying on from this year. Formerly known as the girl's soccer team house, big basement, living room, yard. All utilities, electric, water, gas and maintenance, trash removal, etc. INCLUDED! (which is huge! Utilities are over $150 per person in most houses). Washer Dryer!
$700 per room
New tenants need one month security now and first and last month by May 15th. Move in is June 1st or a few days earlier.
Text or Email Reggie 917.612.7604
The owner has had three houses in the Village for 12 years and takes care of maintenance issues really fast.
The house is two blocks from Starbucks, front porch, big yard, 1 bathroom, washer dryer (coin-op), all utilities (except for internet and tv) are included at $650 per room.
It's a 5 bedroom house. One senior gal may be staying there, I will know more this week.
Call Reggie 917-612-7604 or email me at
Two senior girls in a beautiful 6 bedroom house with a living room, basement playroom, washer/dryer, yard, 2 bathrooms, furniture. Formerly known as the Soccer Team House for many years. The four bedrooms are available June. $650, all utilities, trash removal, water, lawn care are included.
Call Reggie 917-612-7604