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I'm looking for someone who can sublet my bed room from the end of MAY through AUGUST.
It is $525 / month which includes utilities, hot water, internet and everything!!!!!
The room is very big and it is furnished. There is bed, desk, ramp, rack, chair and closet!!!!
You will share the kitchen and bathroom with two other female students who are responsibility, clean, and friendly.
The location is 7 min walk from campus and the house is surrounded by a lots of tree so it will be nicely quiet and very comfortable.
if you have a car, you also have parking space, so no worry.
Again, $525/month is including everything and do not have pay anymore!!!

If you need more information or any questions, i will try my best to give you back.
Thank you.

For Rent in New Paltz / SUMMER SUBLET
May 06, 2012, 10:21:56 AM

The very large room is available over the summer around 5/20-8/20.
The rent is $525 incluing everything, hot water, internet wilreless, and utulities.
The location is very great to go to school, SUNY New Paltz.
It's will be just takes about 7 min to go to school by walk.
You also have parking lots.
You will share the bathroom and kitchen with two other female roommates who are
very friendly.
The room is pretty big and furnised as well.
You have a bed, clothset, lamp, desk, chair and so on!!!!

This is the last chance of summer housing!!!

Anyone who is interested in or have a question, just please e-mail me.
Hello, so I'm looking for someone who is interested in sublet my room from the end of May thorough 3rd week of August( before the school starts.)

It is three bedroom apartment, sharing living room, kitchen and bathroom.
The apartment has great location. 1 min to starbucks in main street, and less than 10 min walk to campus.
If you are a student in New Platz and will take summer courses, I will recommend this place.

My room is the smallest one. The room itself cost only $350. Plus you will pay utilities and internet fee which is about $100 or less.
I'm living with two other girls who are very friendly, and very responsible to keep cleaning for common areas, so female is preferd.

I will be away for whole summer,so I need someone who is very very responsible for sublet my room because i will leave some my stuff in the house, and you will use my furniture, includes bed, desk, chair or so and you need to pay the utilities and internet fee to my roommate.

If you are interested or you want ask some questions to me, please e-mail me to

Thank you
Hi, Im Yuri who is femal students at SUNY NewPaltz and looking for somone who can sublet my room!!!!

One big bedroom is available in 3 bedroom, one bathroom house sharing.
The room is pretty big and there are some furniture like desk, ramp, bed, a closet, rack and mirror.
There will be landlord room in upstairs which is totally separated. you will see them when u visit them. otherwise, you never see them. It is totally private from landlord.
It is $575 including EVERYTHING, utility, electronicity, and internet. Plus u will have laundry which means u can do laundry in your house!!!!!!!how convinience!!!! and if you have a car, u will be able to  park in front of the house.

You will share a bathroom and kitchen with two other female students who are really easy going, cleaness and friendly.
It is very quiet place so if you wana concentrate on studying, it will be a great place to.

It takes only 7 minutes to get in school by walking. There is a new condo nearby house and u can walk through them to get school.
The lease will start from January to August in 2012.

If you want to detail or you are interested in this, just e-mail me to
I can try my best to answer your question*:)