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Hi Everyone!

I'm looking for someone to sub-let my room for the months of June and July.  It's only 500 dollars a month.  I know it's kind of early but I want to settle this as soon as possible!  My room is big enough to fit 3 people, in a gorgeous house 5 mins from campus.  After the sub-let you would have to move in as well for the following semester/year (as per my landlord).  My cell is 5165248857.  Text me if interested, I can send you pictures of my room, and set up a time for you to come see it.

Hey guys,

So we're still looking for one more roommate to fill our 6 person house.  Rent is only 500 dollars a month and the house is gorgeous.  Hardwood floors, washer and dryer, dishwasher.  Two bathrooms.  We're all chill, get our work done, laid back and like to have a good time on weekends !! Text me if you want to come see the house and for more info ! 5165248857

Looking for Roommate in New Paltz / Hiiiii
March 06, 2013, 10:57:40 PM

We're looking for 1 more person to complete our 6 person house =] rent is 475. Beautiful house! Hardwood floors. Washer dryer, dishwasher. Huge rooms. We all like to chill during the week and are serious about our work but like to have fun on the weekends ! Looking for one more cool roommate. Text me if you're interested at 5165248857 !!
is this bedroom still available for next year?

Can I get more information on the single rooms?  Can you call me at 5165248857

Thank you,


I would be very interested in seeing this apartment!!!  It sounds perfect for my group.  I tried calling the number but got no answer!  Please call me at 5165248857 so we can set up a time to come see the place and get more information.  Thank you!


I'd be very interested in this house!  Please text me more information! 5165248857 and we can set up a time to see the place.  Thank you.

Hey Kyle .. Yes there is. Text me for more information
Hey Jaimee this is my apartment she's posting about .. So text me ! 5165248857
Hey Jaimee!! 480 doesn't include utilities. Text me so I can give you more info ... 5165248857
Also I forgot to mention before, we are open to having a guy or a girl roommate =]
Hi again. One of our roommates can't come to new paltz in the spring so once again in need of a 4th roommate !!!! Rent is 480 a month and were pretty cool and laid back. 5 mins from campus. Text or call me if anyone needs a place. 5165248857
Hi everyone,

It's getting close to next semester and we still need a 4th roommate ! If anyone still needs housing please contact me! Text me at 5165248857 ... Rent 480 a month. Cool, fun, respectful roommates =] hope to hear from you!!

Hi, we're still looking. Text me if you still need a roommate !
Hi again,

Our 4th roommate just found out she can't come to new paltz in the spring =[ so once again, in need for a 4th roommate for next semester !!! If anyone needs housing still .. Text me at 5165248857 . Cool, respectful, fun people that get our work done too !! Rent 480 month, southside apartments!