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Or maybe transferring and will not move until 2014, well I may have a place for you if you're interested. I plan on studying abroad during spring semester next yr and I will most likely need to sublet my room. I am looking for a place that starts around 450-550( w/ utilities included). You can contact me @ or by cell: 845-549-4760.
I feel as though I have talked to the person who put up this post before over the phone. They explained to me that anyone renting the room would not be paying each month but paying it all up front when you signed the lease. However, from this post it seems like it'd only be about 800 dollars at the signing of the lease, am I wrong?
I am going to be a senior next year as well and only need a place to live fall semester because I plan to study abroad in spring. It's been hard looking for a place only for one semester I was wondering if you had any leads. call or email me 84554954760 or

I was wondering if the place is still available because I would be really interested in seeing the place. I am 22 but next year will be my senior  yr as well and I am looking forward to having a fun yr but I am a respectful person when it comes to those I live with.


ps call or email: 8455494760
hey, I'm looking for an apt around that range. you could give me your contact info or could just email me at I'd like to get more information.
I am going to be a senior next year and because I plan on studying abroad my last semester (Spring 14') I just need a place for next fall. So for anyone who just needs one more semester to graduate, student teach their last semester, or whatever your case may be I am a great candidate to end your new paltz days with. I am really adaptable to new living arrangements, while I'm not a crazy party animal I do like to have a good time. Rent from $500-650 is my spending range. If you're interested in rooming together contact me via cell: 845-549-4760 or email:

-Jocelyn De Jesus
I am going to be a senior next year and plan on studying abroad my last semester (Spring 14'). Thus, I only need a place to live for next fall. I've lived in New Paltz for almost a year and sadly all of which in southside. Haha, that being said I am really looking out for a place elsewhere and even potentially a house, so I am willing to spend anywhere from 500-650 a month including utilities. I'm pretty chill and adaptable to new living arrangements. If you're only looking to stay in New Paltz for one more semester or whatever your case may be contact me on my cell 845-549-4760 or my email:

Jocelyn De Jesus
hello, i'm really interested in hearing more about the place:where it is in correlation to campus and what not? If you contact me at or at (845) 549-4760 i would greatly appreciate it!

jocelyn De Jesus
hello kellyann!
I'm a transfer too and this is my first semester. I would visit friends who have been going to np for several yrs and instantly fell in love. When it came to looking for a place to live I was surprised with how many options I found. I found my current roommates here on the bulletin board and it's been great so far. You need to shop around and communicate with possible roomies. I also advise to set up a meeting because walking through their place can give you insight on what kind of people they are. Also you get to talk about rent and other prices(sometimes things are left out on their post on the bb). But I really encourage you to make the move. NP is a really fun place and there's plenty of people who balance studytime with partying :D

Hello! :)
I am a newly transferred junior who resides in southside apts. I am looking for an apt that will be in the range of $450-550(including utilities) and sharing a room is okay. Ive only been living in southside for under a month but I can withstand any kind of living arrangement, be it loud and chaotic or chill and peaceful. If anyone has any leads that they can offer, I'd be more than appreciative.

Thanks ;D,
Jocelyn De Jesus
contact me at (845)549-4760 and
I'm going to come up to New Paltz this Monday to take a look at a few places and was wondering if I could stop by and take a look at the place. I also wanted to know the breakdown of the rent, like how much for utilities unless utilities is not included on the $490. Either way I am really interested in getting more information. You can contact me at or call at (845)549-4760.

Jocelyn De Jesus
my name is jocelyn and I am looking for a place to live next semester. this would be my first time on my own but I really cant wait to rise up to the occasion. I will be turning 21 at the start of the semester and wish to have fun just like the next person, but always staying respectful and getting along with my roommate/s is key. I am willing to spend anywhere from $550-650 and if possible I would like to have my own room. you can contact me either by phone:8455494760 or email:

jocelyn de jesus
hi i'm really interested if you wanted to contact me to swap more information you can at:
i'm really interested and if you could contact me with my information that would be great: 8455494760
I'm setting to transfer for next semester. I am willing to pay up to 650 for rent and would like to get in on an apartment that would allow me to have my own room. Sharing a bathroom and kitchen would not bother me. I am really lax and friendly. I will be turning 21 soon after the semester starts so I will be going out, but I am not someone who needs to be taken care of in that aspect. I am responsible and just ready to live on my own!

Contact me if you're interested: