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A spacious 10*8 room in a large, clean 3 bedroom apartment in the center of the Little Italy District in Poughkeepsie. We are two students seeking a third roommate ASAP. The apartment is conveniently located 2 minutes away from the Poughkeepsie Metro-North station, which allows you to get to New York City in 90 minutes. We are also 2 minutes from the Poughkeepsie - New Paltz Link, which is free with a student ID. We are close to a number of restaurants which include Rosci's Deli, The Derby, Mahoney's, Amicis, and Cafe Aurora. A security deposit of $575 will be required. Utilities are not included in the rent, but will be split up among the three of us. The internet will run about $13 and the electricity will run about $30 a month. Feel free to contact me at (347)446-7287.