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$750 per room, very close to campus, looking for a sublet for June and July. Call me (David) if you are interested. 760-419-0504. I prefer a phone call to a reply on this website, so feel free to call
Hello friends,
My roommate and I are looking for a third roommate. I am from San Diego, he is from White Plains (1 hr out). We just put the down on a great apartment house extremely close to campus. Around 500 per month, utilities not included. 1 year lease from June to June. Call me (David) if you are interested in what we have to offer. (760) 419-0504. There is a much better chance that I will reply to you by phone than this website, so do not be afraid to call. Thanks y'all
I am a nice boy from San Diego transferring to New Paltz as a Junior in Fall 2012. I need to find a place to live or else I will get too cold. Whether it is a house or apartment, I do not really mind as long as it is not miles from campus. Peace.