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Hey everyone,
Me and my roommate are looking for a third girl to fill our 3 person house.
It is one block off campus on Lookout Ave!
The rent is $700 including all utilities
The house has 3 large rooms, a living room and kitchen, backyard and deck!

The lease starts June 1st

We are Art and Art Ed majors
If you are interested email me at and tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hi Guys,
I am living in a 3 bedroom house next year and we are looking for a guy to share the master bedroom with my housemate who is a guy.  There are 2 other girls living there.  The house has a kitchen, living room,  large back yard and deck!

The rent is 625$ including all utilities
Lease starts June 1st.

This is an awesome place right next to campus and it will go quick!

If you are interested email me at and  tell us a little but about yourself

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