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Quiet and mature couple looking for private 1 bedroom apartment/house within walking distance to campus after current lease ends on July 31. We are hoping for laundry on site and off street parking is a must. Budget around $1000+utilities.
We do have a cat, but he has lived in apartments for years.
I am a non traditional (older) college student and my gf graduated several years ago and works full time. Not interested in sharing an apartment. Please do not offer rooms for rent.
My girlfriend and I are looking for a 1 bedroom place within 10 minutes  of New Paltz. She is a manager in a pet store and has a bachelors in Zoology. I am a former veterinary assistant returning to school for 2 years before going to vet school. We are looking for a place that is pet friendly and willing to accommodate our 4 cats, various (caged) reptiles, and a yard to keep our chickens.
We are very neat and our pets are taken care of to very high standards.
Please contact me if you have a property to suit our needs.
Thank you.