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I'm an incoming grad student getting my MFA this fall and Iím looking for a place to live. Iím looking for a private room relatively close to campus, walking distance would be great but not necessary. Washer and dryer would be great as well. If the room is furnished thatíd be a plus but not necessary. My budget is around $600-$750 (including utilities) and I would like to move in during the first week of August.

Iím 27 and a bit of an introverted nerd, but Iím also out going and very social. Iím very clean, quiet, and respectful of others. I currently own my own home, so I used to general property maintenance and upkeep. I donít smoke or drink, but I donít mind if others do. I have no pets, but I love all animals.

Iím coming from Colorado so if you can provide me as much info about the place Iíd appreciate it. Please send me a PM if you're interested.


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