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Looking for a roommate in my two bedroom apartment.
The room is roughly 10 x 11 feet and carpeted with a closet.
Rent is $810 and  covers things such as water, parking, and trash. There is also plowing of the parking lot during winter.
We would split electricity (~ $25 - $35 each) and internet ($53 each) every month.
I am looking for someone preferably 21 - 30 years old.
Students welcome. 5 min walk from campus.
Apartment will be available the end of June.
If interested text or call me at 917 428 1589.
Hello I am looking for a apartment to move into this month. Ideally I would like a studio/1 bed room but am open to moving into a place with multiple rooms/roommates. I would like something in the New Paltz/Highland area.

Alternatively I am looking into a 2 bed room apartment in New Paltz and would need a roommate for the place. I approximate it would cost us both $900/month at most and that would cover everything from rent to electric,water,heat, and internet. The move in would be March 1st.

My cell is 917 428 1589
Hello my name is Brian. I'm looking for a roommate for a apartment in New Paltz starting January 1st. Here's a little about the apartment.

- $750/ month (Covers Rent, utilities, internet, and electric. )
- 5 minute walk from campus
- Free and private parking lot
- Outside private lounge area with a balcony
- Furnished kitchen and living room
-Laundry rooms on site
- Dogs not allowed but I believe the owner is cool with cats or the like. (I love animals so if you have a cat I'm cool with it.)

I'd prefer someone 18-30 years old, a fellow college student. Just so we could relate, get along better you know? But that's not a requirement whatsoever, just wishful thinking. I'm looking for someone to sign a sublet of at least a year.

Feel free to contact me via phone : (917) 428-1589
If I don't catch your call please leave a voicemail or text me. I can answer any question, send you some pictures of the place, or setup a visit. Thank you