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My name is Tyler, and my girlfriend and I have been looking for an apartment since May. We are looking for an apartment that can host us for 5 or 6 months. We are graduating in December and would appreciate somebody to work with us, I appreciate it.

Please call/text 6317404574 for any openings

Thanks so much
Looking for a 2 bedroom apartment for my girlfriend and I for the FALL SEMESTER ONLY! We are both anticipating graduating this Fall and need to find an apartment. Please email me at "" if you have any places in mind!! Thanks

Full-time student looking for a place thats in walking distance of New Paltz campus. Email or text 6317404574, trying to set up appointments for this Thursday because i live on Long Island. Thank you!
In search of 2 bed 1 bath apartment for rent for my girlfriend and I for the Fall semester. Must be willing to work with FAFSA, preferably not in a complex. Email me to contact :

Thank you!!