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I'm a senior at SUNY New Paltz looking for a STUDIO or 1-BEDROOM apartment available June 1st (no house-shares please). My max budget is $850 per month. I realize this limits my options, but I'm willing to believe there's something out there. If you have anything available, let me know! My email is
Hello! We are a group of 6 students looking to rent a house together for the fall of 2020 (also open to the concept of connecting duplexes).  Ideally, we'd like to cap our budget at $550 per room. Must be within (relative) walking distance to the downtown area.

Looking to start renting on August 1st. Feel free to contact me at

We are four 19-20 year old musicians, clean, hardworking, responsible, looking for a house that will fit all of us within semi-reasonable walking distance to campus/town. Hoping to pay $650/month per person including utilities. We're looking to sign a lease that starts in either June or August.

Feel free to message me or email me at :)