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I'm graduating in December, so I don't want a year long lease. What I'm looking for in a rental:
- within 15 minute walking distance of campus
- under $650 per month
- clean ***** Cannot stress this enough!!!
I am a 23 year old male who just graduated from New Paltz and will be working in town until I apply for grad school. I'm looking for a neat, quiet space within a short driving (or walking) distance from town. My desired price range is between $450-$575, but I will still consider housing that minimally exceeds that range. I have an adorable and exceptionally friendly cat.

You can text me at 973-432-7471 or email me at
I am looking to rent a single bedroom starting June 1st. I'd really like it to be within walking distance of the academic buildings and the max rent I can afford $625 per month (the cheaper the better) - I'm including the cost of utilities in that number. A female only house is preferable.

About me:
I'm currently a sophomore, but I will be renting during my junior year. I am a math major with a 3.97 gpa. I am also very clean and quiet.

I'm looking to rent a single bedroom for the Spring 2017 semester (January to June). Requirements:
-within walking distance of campus
-rent of no more than $650 (including utilities)
-house must have a kitchen
-housemates MUST be CLEAN and respectable

My email: