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I am looking for a studio apartment for myself ASAP. I am 26, working and full time student at New Paltz. I do not smoke, have pets or care for having people over. I am quiet and clean, my personal space is important to me so Iíll be sure to take care of the place Iím living in. I am a visual artist looking for simple place to live. Please reach me here or preferably at


I'm a transfer student majoring in Environmental Geochemistry and I am currently commuting from Orange County but I'd really like to live in New Paltz, close to campus preferably. I'm an organized, down to earth dude who likes to keep my living area clean especially the kitchen for I cook often. Please contact me at 845 558 4541 or

Thank you


I'm a dude currently looking for a place to call home for the Spring 2015 semester near SUNY New Paltz, preferably walking distance but I do have a car. I'm not allergic to anything nor do I care if roommates are smokers or have pets. I am organized, like to keep my living space clean (I clean regularly) and I cook often. I work in NYC and I go religiously. I'm a geology major oriented towards Biology and I create art as a hobby.

Thank you,

Imanol Loaeza
(845) 558 4541

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