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Hi! We're going to be seniors at New Paltz next semester and are looking for a studio apartment to rent. Our budget is around $1000/month. Walking distance to campus is preferred but not needed and we don't have pets or smoke. Although we prefer a studio, one bedrooms or a room in a shared house/apartment is fine as long as it's in our price range. e-mail at or text at 1646-982-4863. Thanks!
I'm in need to sublet my room behind college terrace 2 minute walk from campus. The house is fully furnished with a stocked kitchen. There are 4 other awesome girls living here who are really chill. A cleaning lady comes each month and does all the stuff you'd rather not do. The house has 3 floors, 2 bathrooms, a sunroom and washer/dryer.  Rent is $600 a month plus utilities (~60) but is definitely negotiable! If you can only afford $550, etc. let me know! Call or text me (text me!!!) at 1646-982-4863 or reply to this message. I'm looking forward to talking to you!