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Hello! We are a group of 4 looking for a house with 4 bedrooms, reasonably close to town. We wouldn't be opposed to 5-6 people if anyone is looking for 4 people.
Thanks! 8)
Hello, my friend and I are trying to find a place to live. We are two clean, responsible, females who prefer to live close to town and school, but are open to other options. We will both be here for about 2 more years and would ideally like to not have to move else where. We are looking to join forces with others to get a house, or move in with anyone who has two rooms opening up. I'd like to think we're both very chill and just want to live with other chill people.
Please contact me (preferably through text but feel free to call) at (516)-993-8234, or just shoot me an email at