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 4 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment, rent $600 a month plus utilities. Looking for 2 or 1 (preferably girls) to live with us this coming fall. Very nice apartment 2 floors lots of space. Dishwasher, laundry, and dryer. All student neighbors and very convenient. Very friendly environment, everyone is welcome!

Call or text:
     Sara- 908 246 3003
     Samantha- 631 617 2628

My name is Sara. Im thinking about transferring to New Paltz fall of 2012. Im going to be a sophomore and am planning on being an art education major with a psych minor. Im easy going, easy to live with, and like to meet new people. Id like to live close to campus with a few people since I won't know anyone when I get to school. I like to have a good time but my school work is also important. Im not a fan of cigarets but other stuff is fine. Feel free to contact me if you need another roommate! Ill be on campus on Wed. the 7th if you want to meet. My email is or you can call or text my cell at 908 246-3003

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