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i am an older  female but i dont look my age and i love to go dancing, working out and im a really good cook. i have 80 credits from a Comunity college,majoring in Accounting, so i havent got that far to go.yay!!!! i used to be a personal trainer but in todays economy it stinks..where i live and im sure NP isnt better for personal trainers.i love the beach and the warm weather . zif i lived near rutgers or the beach i would probably be majoring in marine biology as i love the water so much and rutgers has meteorology. well get back to me if interested. 845 707 9040 barbra

im a transfer student, i like the beach, dancing and working out! Im in Liberty right now but want to move now to be ready for the fall semester.
Please get email me barbra

im a transfer student and i live too far away too commute.. Im looking to move like to live with a female(s) but its not a deal breaker. please call me 845 428 2048 barbra .....

4 a transfer student with one cat, i used to do personal training part time, i like to workout, yoga, dance,and i love the beach! please call me if uhave a room for me. I live in Liberty now which is quite far from NP so i have to move there for college.845 428 2048 barbra

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