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Hey everyone!

My name's Jonathan, I'm transferring up to NP this fall. So far I am in a group of 5 people (myself and four ladies) and we are looking for another roommate for a house!  Guy or girl - it doesn't matter!  We're looking at 6 bedroom places so don't fret, you'll have your own room!  All five of us are serious about our work but we like to have fun too.  Feel free to respond to this post or you can email me at  If you'd prefer to talk call me on my cell - 9087590169
Hey I'm a 21 year old transfer student looking for a place to live.  Trying to move into a place with a lease beginning in June.  I like to go out, keep up with my grades and I'm laid-back.  Have any questions or if anyone's possibly looking for a roommate (honestly don't care if it's guys or girls) contact me at 9087590169 or email me at

Hey my name is Jonathan, I'm a transfer student going to New Paltz in FALL 2013. Currently 20 but will be 21 in March, I'm laid back, kind of tidy and looking for a quality roommate(s).  I enjoy going out but I do intend on keeping up with my work.  Parties and friends are always welcome and most likely you won't catch me doing homework on the weekend unless it's for a paper or a big test.  Don't have any idea on where I'll be living, more concerned with finding someone to live with at the moment.  Open to having more than one roommate, living in house or apartment, really doesn't make a difference.  Facebook me at Jonathan Bringuier, or you can email me at  I prefer no cigarette smokers and pets aren't out of the question.  Feel free to ask me anything, I'm not too shy.