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I need to find a place to live ASAP!!! I'm looking for a house of 4 or less, pet friendly!!! I am a 20 year old girl transferring from FIT in NYC. I get along with almost anyone. I am an artist too.

Please feel free to call me at (631) 834-8144 or email me at
Hello, my name is Morgan Corn.

I am looking for a nice size single bedroom. I am a quiet, respectful, helpful and chill. 20 year old chick. I am transferring from The Fashion Institute of Technology.

I am going to be a Printmaking major, and am in my 2nd year. I have an adorable little bunny named Nibbler who has to come with me. Next to my boyfriend he is my best friend. I promise, who ever sees him, you will fall in love.

I love hanging out with people and trying new things. Some of my favorite things are Doctor Who, Video games, doing art, and talking to my best friends.

I wouldn't mind sharing an apartment with guys are girls, most of my friends are guys anyway.

Feel free to email at or call at 631-834-8144