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Room For Rent $316 plus approx $100 for utilities (gas,electric,wifi)
Recently Renovated
Nice Private Location outside South Kingston
Cats are Welcomed
Dogs are welcomed if they don't bark alot

You would be living with two other roommates, Guy and Girl

Call or text for more information
Available ASAP
Need 2 more roommates  $ 1700 / for 3 bedroom house 1 mile from campus
Brings it to $ 566 each
Does not include wifi/cable
Cats are ok if you have a pet
Looking for a roommates that  are cool and
Clean up after yourself ( i am not saying you have to be a clean freak, I am just saying dont leave your dirty dishes in the sink for 20 days)

Male or Female is fine

I am male and as well a senior

I have another place for $316 although its 15minutes away from campus doesnt include electric.

If your cool, and serious sent a text or call
need to book this house asap

Hello, Looking for a Place to Live here some  background in what im looking for and who I am

-$400-500 with utilities
-have my own room with a lock
-ok to have a kitten in my room
- a window
About me:
-Pre-med student/bio major
-pays bills on time
- friendly, outgoing, and hardworking
- very simple and easy to get along with

Contact info:
914 843 5289
Call me =) or text

Looking for a place to live that is simple
Here is my list
1. Not 2 far from campus
2. Rent range $400-550 includes utilities
3. I have my own room
4. Sign something or have an agreement with someone that I will have a place to stay.
5. Fall 2013

About me:
I pay my bills on time, I'm a senior about to graduate looking for a year lease or month to month whatever avail. Im cool, outgoing, clean, and just straight out chill. if you have more questions just ask. I dont really care how the place looks, just as long as I get my own room that has a lock on it.
;D ;D ;D ;D

If you have something that fits my budget let me know asap!
9148435289  call/ text
im in! CALL ME ASAP!
I need a place to stay for fall 2013, my current place is way to expensive for me and I don't think I can afford another year here, although its a great looking place.

Im lookin to spend $400-500 with everything included, gas, electric etc. I don't care how things look in the house. All I care about is how far it is from Campus, and how much I am spending a month there. O and If have my own room.

I pay all my bills on time and a nice outgoing person!

Thanks for Looking
2 Roomates needed asap for a nice house
Requirements: To be clean(such as picking up after yourself) you bills on time
5 to 7 minute walk to campus
Lease details
June 1st to May 30
$550/month without ultities.
assign parking....washer/dryer/ full kitchen/ 2 baths/garbage pickup/ snow removal. 2floors
first/last month rent upfront and security deposit of 550$ which you get back end of the lease assuming you didn't break anything
Very spacious house split with 4 roommates in total (2 roommates on board now need 2 more)
Beautiful place
Utlitites are very cheap, and can be cheaper depending how conservative you are...leaving tv on etc..(raises bills)

If you think you can  work with this text or call me asap

Looking for 2 more roommates.
Requirements is 2 be clean( picking up after your self), and pay you bills on-time
Contact info
914-843-5289 call/text
The details are below
first come first serve

3 Bedroom apartment in nice residential neighborhood with eat-in kitchen, living room, full bath, private entrance, and off street parking.
All Utilities are included (heat, hot water, electric, trash).
Cable and internet available cheaply as house is already set up with wifi.

5 min drive from campus (2 miles north of Main Street and on UCAT bus route).

Apt. available beginning August 2012, rent is $595 per bedroom.

Please email your name and contact # for more information and to set up a showing!

Contact me ASAP!!! info above
Hey, I'm Steve, im looking for a lease to sign in june/ or august for the year. I'm very clean, don't smoke,  pretty cool person to hang out with. I'm in my last year so I don't really party mostly study . Here is the details for the lease im looking for or month by month base
Looking for: A Room or a House( although for a house I would need roommates assumingly)
Preference: Guy or Girl I don't mind
Money Range: 300-600 w/ or w/o utilities (prefer with utilities)
Location: Somewhere in new paltz
Contact:, Cell 914-843-5289

Thanks alot