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and any gender is welcome! Right now it is 3 men and 1 woman.
Also, It's a 4 bedroom house with one bathroom. the living/dining room is fully furnished.
For Rent in New Paltz / Room for rent: January - August
September 02, 2022, 09:09:23 AM
Hi folks. My name is Karl. I'm looking to sublet my room for the remainder of the lease. It's a nice house on North Oakwood with three friendly, respectful, clean roommates. The dates are January 15th, 2023 to August 15th, 2023. The rent is $720 a month plus utilities. Theres a backyard, porch, and spacious living room and kitchen. Overall, it's a nice living situation, I'm only moving because I'm graduating.

Shoot me a text or email and we can go from there!

Hi! My name is Karl, and my roommate Ezra and I are looking for two people (any gender) to move into our house for an august 15th lease! The house is located on N Oakwood, has four bedrooms, a large kitchen, washer dryer, a large living room, and a nice front porch. Parking is included. It's also fully furnished (but we are of course open to moving things around, replacing our stuff w/ yours, adding your furniture to the common spaces, etc, if it would make the space nicer), and the rent is $680/month plus utilities. text me @ 3476331439 if you're interested!

Hi, I'm looking for a sublet and would like to move in in mid may. My number is 3476331439. when does the lease end?
Hi, My name is Karl. I'm looking for a sublet from June through August. I'm open to living with anyone. The room can be furnished or unfurnished. I'm a tidy and quiet person and will be out of the house for many hours of most days. Ideally I'm looking for something cheap. A situation where someone isn't planning on being in New Paltz for the summer anyway and would like to cut back on their rental costs by having me live in their room. Someone who's willing to let me sublet for around 400-500. Other options could work too though, feel free to ask.




I'm looking to rent a garage for the 2021 summer. I'd like to set up a little wood shop, for personal use only. I would be moving in some big machines that make a decent amount of noise when in use, but they'd only be on every now and then and never running all day. Most of my work would be pretty quiet.

I realize this is an odd request, and my budget is somewhat flexible, but I think around $300 a month, depending on the garage, seems fair.

I can set up in an old crappy falling apart garage, it really doesn't matter, I just need a a strong and reliable source of electricity and of course shelter.



My name is Karl Velikonja, I'm currently a sophomore, and I'm looking for two housemates for an apartment right across from New Paltz Commons.

The Rent would be $825 per bedroom. It's a private entrance, has off-street parking, 1.5 bathrooms, a kitchen, backyard and a possible garage also available, and the lease starts in August of 2020.

Utilities are included in the rent, and no animals are allowed.

As well, there's a 5 bedroom apartment in the same location for the same price per bedroom, and the details are the same, except that there are 2 bathrooms.

I'm open to male or female housemates.

I'm an art major, looking to concentrate in wood and metal working, I don't go out much, but don't mind a bit of partying in general.

Contact me at 3476331439 if interested,

I'm looking for a living situation under $900 a month. I'm relatively quiet and neat and don't mind living with girls or boys.
I have a lease for an apartment at Paltz Commons waiting til I find a roommate, the rent is $740/m plus utilities (overall cheaper than dorming).
lmk if you're interested,

Best, Karl
Hey, My name is Karl. I'm a sophomore art major currently living on campus. I'd love to meet up to get more details and get a sense for the situation. This situation looks ideal for me!


Karl Velikonja