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My friend and I (female) are looking for one or two more people to live with.
We have a few places in mind and the more people we can live with, the better.
My friend is going to be a junior in the fall and I will be a senior. She is hoping for others who are not graduating in Spring of 2021 so she can have a roommate for the following year.

All of the places we have been looking at will allow everyone to have their own room as well as a nice kitchen and large common areas (living room, basement, porch, etc.)
They are also within a 2-10 minute walk to campus, so no car is needed.

Our budget is at $700 without utilities or $750 with all utilities. If your budget is around that, please contact me. Most of the places are also a year long lease. However, subletting is an option.

Again, looking for one or two female roommates that aren't graduating in Spring 2021

Text or call me @ 631-219-6337
Hey! My friend and I are looking for a third person! Please text me with more info: (631)-219-6337