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I am a student looking to sublet my room in the house I am renting on 85 N Putt Corners Rd.  Rent is 565 a month, but I am willing to sublet it for $500 a month. It is a hose with 5 other male students and has 2 living rooms, 2 kitchen and 2 bathrooms.  Utilities need to be split among the tenants so you would be splitting internet/electric/propane.  For the summer months leading up to July (end of may till end of July) most of the time the 5 male students will not be at the house so utilities will be cheap.  Please text me at 516-353-3853 to ask me any questions or to schedule a day to come look at the house, my name is Connor.
I am subletting my room at 85 N Putt Corners Rd in New Paltz that is currently occupied by 5 male students. It is a 2 floor split level house fully furnished, including the room being rented(Bed, Desk and small dresser w/ closet). The house has 2 full baths, 2 full kitchens, 2 living areas and plenty of outside room with deck. Enough parking for everyone in a quiet part of New Paltz.

Lease is available from now till the end of July. Rent is $565 a month, but I will charge $500 a month if payed in full up front. Water is free, snow removal is covered and rent is split amongst all the tenants for Internet, propane(Heat), and electric.

My phone number is 516-353-3853. My name is Connor, you may text me or call me(Text preferably) Just let me know you are curious about the room and we can schedule a time for a house and room tour