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Studio apartment through OCSH (Off Campus Student Housing) that I'm renting at the moment. Looking to sublet it for the rest of the lease term (would start January 1st and go till July 27th). Located on North Chestnut Street, about a block and a half from downtown, a ten minute walk from the SUNY campus. $975/month + a security deposit gets you all utilities except cable, wifi, and landline phone if you choose to go that route in addition to/in place of a cell phone. A generally quiet place, and I've had no problems with the landlord. Any questions or interest comment and or PM.
Hi everyone. Nothing came of my looking before, and I'm back to see what still might be available. Looking for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment, somewhere in the 3 digit range. 10 month lease preferable.
Got a private message from someone in early May, I'm finally getting in touch with them. I'll see what happens with it I guess, going to try to figure things out possibly when I go to register for classes, which I'm trying to set up for next Friday.
Hi all, debating renting vs living in the dorm while at SUNY New Paltz, depending on what I might do with work and/or if I could find something that would be overall cheaper than living in the dorms. I'd be looking for a studio or 1 bedroom, with a reasonable price (somewhere in the three digit range). Might not be bringing a whole lot with me, so less for me to be messy with, though I make sure to not be messy, and I'm pretty quiet, and respectful of neighbors if they think I'm starting to get too loud.