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I will be graduating in May and have my lease until August 1st but will not be here this summer so I am looking to sublet my bedroom that is in a three bedroom apartment for the months of June and July. This is a perfect opportunity if you would like to be living in New Paltz over the summer and have another lease starting up in August. I live with two other roommates, both really chill guys who probably wont even be up here for most of the summer-if at all. I am leaving all of my furniture ( bed/mattress, dresser, and nightstand) in my room for the next group that is moving in on August 1st. My apartment is located on main street and the rent for each month is $600 dollars for a total of $1200 for both months of June and July. That includes all but electric, which I will pick up because I really would just like to make it as cheap as possible to sublet this place.Live here it's awesome, email me for questions and all that jazz

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