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Hello wonderful people of the bulletin!

I snagged an awesome spot on Church St. in the heart of town with two awesome guys and a dog. The loft we'll share is a good size, super different, and right above Barner Books and Rhino Records. I'm fun to live with, I make music in a band in town, and I'll be a forth year in the fall. I'm serious about learning, love New Paltz, and love to dance. Let me know if you're interested in sharing this awesome space with me.

6073427180. :)

Hello ~ I'm in need of a place to live from next week until the end of finals.
I am an excellent house guest, always willing to clean up after people (yes, strange).
But, I myself am not strange. I'm a female Black Studies major (taking senior seminar now), a musician, a soccer player, and I love people. Please let me know if you have a space for me to crash for a few weeks.
I can help pay for utilities, groceries, rent, etc.

Email me - - or call/text me - (607)342-7180. ! :D