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Looking For a Place to Live in New Paltz / Need room for Spring 2012
« on: November 22, 2011, 09:12:31 PM »
Hey everyone!

I am starting my Post- Bach at New Paltz next semester and need a room close to campus (no more than 7 minutes walking or very close to bus). The rent range I am willing to go up to is $600, preferably with laundry machines in the house/apt and utilities included. I can only live with female suite mates or house mates.I am friendly, don't mind doing chores, and cook when I need to. I do not have a car as of now, so a parking space is not really necessary. I would like to see the rooms you have available December 16 or 17 with the parents. Please email me through this system if you have anything that might be good for me. And thank you so much!



I sent you an email. :)


Hey everyone!

I am starting a Post Bachelor's Program at SUNY New Paltz next semester. I would like to find a place to live near campus, preferably within a 2-10 minute walk to it or easy access to buses/ shuttles to campus. I will be able to pay anywhere from $400-650 for rent a month, preferably with utilities included. I would like to live with FEMALE housemates/ roommate only. I don't mind living with a roommate as long as the room is large enough for the both of us, but would prefer a single room that is furnished if possible. I will be renewing my lease after the Spring semester, most likely for the Summer 2012, and Fall 2012 semesters.

I am a hard working person, somewhat quiet but sociable. I am here for studies, I am not an undergraduate, so I will not be partying. This post bachelor's program is intense, so I will be studying a lot!  I might have an occasional friend over, but that's about it. I do not have a car. Therefore, I cannot live with people who like to party a lot. I do not want to live in a studio apartment. I do enjoy company. I am very neat, and will help with chores. I am super friendly.

I would like your email addresses in reply to my post as well as information about the place. You can email me at I am not giving out my phone number here, so please email me. My parents and I will be seeing apartments/rooms in late December. So I will need the room at least a week before the Spring semester starts in January.

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