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Title: Room available across the st from campus! Female nonsmokers please
Post by: Hannah on March 09, 2013, 10:02:55 PM
My roommate is graduating in May, so I'm looking for someone willing to rent starting in June.
The house is located on Plattekill Ave right across the street from campus. Itís a two bedroom upstairs apartment with a shared kitchen and bathroom.
The kitchen is on the smaller size, but perfect for a college student's culinary aspirations.
The bathroom is quite large with built-in shelving and standing shower stall.
The room available is huge with tons of room for whatever furniture your heart desires.  It has great sunlight exposure and a cute little window nook. The room has a closet which can be used for clothes or storage.
We have a small porch which is great for getting some vitamin D and people watching.
There is also parking if you have a car.  If not the house is in walking distance of pretty much everything.
Utilities are included in rent with the exception of internet/cable

Looking for a female NONSMOKER (includes all kinds of smoking). Iím an education major with a focus in biology, so my course work ranges from lab reports to papers. Iím a pretty laidback person. I would much rather have a few people over for dinner and a couple drinks than going out. I cook often and donít mind sharing. Iím not an uptight neat freak, but I make sure to keep the kitchen and bathroom tidy. I respect the person Iím living with, meaning if I have people over we keep it a reasonable volume.

Iím a mellow person, but I take school pretty serious. Not really interested in a roommate who is looking to get stupid drunk every weekend. If youíre looking for a place to party now that youíre free of the parentals this is not an apartment for you. Sorry :/

If interested in more information please email me at or