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Title: Looking for a Room Not Far From Campus
Post by: constr1cted on November 07, 2011, 10:47:47 AM
Hello, my name is Bella. I'm an early ed major, focusing on English. I'm extremely studious, respectful, friendly, and open-minded. I'm looking for a place to live, preferably not a party house. But I just have one condition: Rent must be UNDER $550 a month, I cannot afford an expensive place. ALSO: PREFERABLY females, but like I said, I'm very open-minded.

Either email me: and let's make a time to meet and just get this done
Or call/text me: 917-400-0933, if I don't pick up, just leave a message

If you do respond, I'll visit that very weekend and this will be done right away.

Thank you, Bella.