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Newly renovated 2BR house on 44/55 in Clintondale. Ten minutes from campus.
Currently looking for a roomate. The room is large and on the second floor of the house. The door to the stairs can be locked for additional security and privacy.

Plenty of parking and good neighborhood. very close to Hannaford and Dollar General and gas station.

Im looking for 500/month which would include all utilities.
I am a clean and tidy person and would expect a roomate to be the same. I have an old dog so an animal lover is a must.

The house is heated electrically which is included in the rent.
Food you have to fend for yourself. My kitchen and house is fully furnished but the room for rent is not...although I have some pieces of furniture which can be used.

I work hard and spend most of my time when home relaxing or spending time with my dog. I would like a relaxed roomate.

If you are interested please contact me on here or give me a call at 1-845-332-0917 my name is Michelle.

I look forward to hearing from you :)

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